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Index of Comics/Cartoons, page 1  

Index of Comics/Cartoons in order of publishing date: page_1



Calvin and Hobbes collection by Bill Watterson
©1987, Page 119
(Comic strip originally appeared in newspapers approximately 30-Jul-86)
4 panels, six-year old Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes reluctantly consent to "play house" with little neighbor Susie Derkins. She chooses the role of "bratty and brainless kid in a day care center" for Calvin.
"Cathy" cartoon by Cathy Guisewite,
described in Who will Rock the Cradle,
Edited by Phyllis Schlafly
©1989, Page 124
A mother with a baby in her lap asks, “How do you like daycare all day, Cindy?” Bubbles show the child’s thought: “It’s just miserable. Do you have any idea how long eight hours is to a one-year-old? Where’s my emotional bonding? Where’s my continuity? I’m spending the most important time of my life surrounded by little maniacs!” The Dad walks in and says: “We think daycare will really help Cindy develop her verbal skills.” The baby thinks, ”By the time I can talk, it will be too late.”
(Editorial Cartoon) by Steve Benson
Arizona Republic, Jul-94
1 panel, Working Mom throws her child into the mouth of a day care volcano.
(Editorial Cartoon) by Tom Toles
Buffalo News, 1995
 4 panels, Compares day-care centers to orphanages.
"Thoughts of a Baby Lying in a Child Care Centre", by Michael Leunig, printed in The Age, Melbourne Australia, 26-Jul-95 6 panels, crude style, with mostly text.
Poignant, sad cartoon starts with "...My own mother...dumps me here in this horrendous créche..."
By the last panel, depressed baby girl concludes it's her own fault.
In a 5 December 2007 interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about this cartoon, Michael Leunig said, "There's a disaster shaping up here, and it's the abandonment of babies, essentially, and the abandonment of mothering...."
"It must be a 'Generational Thing'"
by Asay, Sep-99,
6 panels, After father explains the so-called 'daycare crisis',  grandmother suggests that either father or mother stay home to avoid  putting their kids in day-care.  In the last panel:
1.) Father criticizes grandmother for not understanding. 
2.) In a thought balloon, sad and confused grandchild doesn't understand why his father rejected grandma's common-sense suggestion.
"Jump Start" by Armstrong
Lexington Herald Leader, 22-Nov-99
4-day series of 3 panels, nurse Marcie feels guilty about putting son, Jojo, in day care. 
(Cartoon to the Editor) by Kathleen Brady
Lexington Herald Leader, 28-Nov-99
1-panel, Makes fun of KY's new child-care provider rating system. 
"Mallard Fillmore" by Bruce Tinsley
King Features, 01-Jul-00
1 panel, baby with "I Love Day Care" shirt grows up fine on television, but not in the real world.
"Mallard Fillmore" by Bruce Tinsley
King Features, 01-Feb-01
3 panels, "'Quality Time' is just a marketing slogan day-care providers came up with."
"Mallard Fillmore" by Bruce Tinsley
King Features, 22-May-01
6-day series of 3 panels, "kids are better off being with a parent all day..." theme.
"Mallard Fillmore" by Bruce Tinsley
King Features, 12-Jun-02
3 panels, tongue-in-cheek Home-Schooling analogy:
"Next, (parents will) be thinking they can raise their children better than day care can."
"For Better or for Worse", by Lynn Johnston
4 panels, Michael evokes a guilty response from wife Deanna when he suggests their son is getting sick from being in daycare.

Last updated:  06/28/2009

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