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Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 1
Daycare dictionary or Childcare glossary


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How it's used

What it really means:

Academics Our daycare offers academics to give children an early jump on school. Child can parrot ABC's.
Active Carson is a very active boy. Child with short attention span who can't sit still.
Activities Our daycare offers children a host of stimulating activities. Child is put in front of TV all day.
Assertive Children in daycare are more assertive. Sassy, smart-mouth bullies who don't mind adults or follow directions.
Attention Kids attending our daycare get individualized, one-on-one attention. What?!  Better check their math:
Divide the number of caregivers by the number of children.  Is the resulting ratio greater than or equal to one?  If so, this daycare won't be in business long!  For further clarification, click here
Submitted by Stefani
Houston seems to be having trouble bonding with his caregiver... Which caregiver?
The one he had this morning? This afternoon?
The one that quit last month?
The substitute for the one that got sick last week?
With his caregivers changing so wonder the poor kid is confused! 
Bored Boston "acts out" in daycare because he is bored and is intellectually beyond his peers. Child is misbehaving
Camp We need to enroll Virginia in day camp to keep her busy this Summer... We need to put her in daycare during the Summer while School is out to keep her from getting in our way.
Caregiver-to-child ratio Our caregiver-to-child ratio ensures your child gets personal attention. Absolute minimum ratio required by law.
CONTEST:  Anyone who comes up with a humorous definition for a previously undefined daycare "buzz word" that we select for our daycare glossary will win a stylish "Daycares Don't Care" window cling. 
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Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 1


Last updated:  09/10/2014

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