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Frequently Searched Daycare Categories:
  • Behavior (includes affection, aggression, attachment, biting,  bonding, family life, insecure, mental health, psychological problem, security, socialization)
  • Caregiver (quotes from childcare workers)
  • Danger (includes abuse, neglect, safety, trauma, etc.)
  • Development (includes education, intelligence, school achievement/performance)
  • Disease (includes cleanliness, germs, health, hygiene, illness, immune system, infection, obesity, parasites, sickness, stress, etc.) 
  • Economics (includes cost, marketing, profit, etc.)
  • History (includes origins)
  • Politics (includes censorship, culture, media, subsidies, society's attitude, tax policy)
  • Quality (includes caregiver turnover, child's needs, child/caregiver ratios, duration, ratings, regimentation, standardization, etc.)
  • Regulations (includes inspection, laws, license, rules, standards, etc.)
  • Religion 
Frequently Searched Day-care Books, in alphabetical order:
  • 7 Myths of Working Mothers - Why Children and (Most) Careers Just Don't Mix 
  • Being There: The Benefits of a Stay-at-Home Parent
  • Day Care Deception
  • The Day Care Decision
  • Doing Time: What It Really Means To Grow Up In Daycare
  • Early Child Care - Infants and Nations at Risk
  • Facing the Effects of Mother's Absence, Home by Choice
  • The Four-Thirds Solution
  • The Irreducible Needs of Children
  • There's No Place Like Work
  • Mothering Denied
  • Parenthood by Proxy
  • Raising Babies: Should under 3s go to Nursery?
  • Ships Without a Shore: America's Undernurtured Children
  • What's Wrong with Day Care
  • Who Needs Parents? 
  • Who Will Rock the Cradle?
Frequently Searched Day Care and Child Development Experts, in alphabetical order:
  • Mary Ainsworth,
  • Jay Belsky, Steve Biddulph, John Bowlby, T. Berry Brazelton, M.D, Urie Bronfrenbrenner
  • Bryce Christensen, Dorothy Conniff, Dr. Peter S. Cook, Karen de Coster
  • James Dobson, Wendy Dreskin, Brandon Dutcher,
  • Mary Eberstadt, Amitai Etzioni,
  • Joseph Farah, Don Feder, Gregory Flanagan, Isabelle Fox, Selma Fraiberg,
  • M.L. Genuis, Stanley Greenspan,
  • Ronald Haskins Kathryn Hooks, Brenda Hunter,
  • Jerome Kagan, Robert Karen, Marnie Ko,
  • NICHD - National Institute for Child Health and Development
  • Penelope Leach, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Norman M. Losenz, Rich Lowry,
  • Michelle Malkin, Anne Manne, Ilana Mercer,
    Patricia Morgan, Bill Muehlenberg,
  • Kate O'Beirne
  • Kathleen Parker, Anne Pierce
  • Brian Robertson, John Rosemond, Steven Rhoads,
  • May Saubier, Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Schlessinger J. Conrad Schwartz, Thomas Shaheen, Charles Siegel, Byrna Siegel,
  • Andrew Peyton Thomas,
  • Seyla Vee
  • Suzanne Venker
  • Charmaine Crouse Yoest
  • Karl Zinsmeister 

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