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What Daycare Workers Say -- page 7


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Source Quote
Carol interviewed for the newspaper article, "Nursery tales" by Madeleine Bunting of The Guardian  (Britain)
Carol had misgivings (about placing her daughter in daycare) from the start. "I've worked in nurseries (daycares) so you can see what goes on; they don't always provide the care they should. It makes me really sad that people like that go into that kind of job. It's not about bad abuse, but about not responding to the children in the way they should.
"My daughter's development doesn't match up with where I think she should be. At the nursery, they haven't drawn her out and it took her a long time to settle in. The staff at the nursery don't know her as well as I think they should.
Category = Development, Quality
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(Name withheld by request)
I am a former day care worker and I wouldn't put my kid in daycare for any reason at all.
...I am shocked how stupid I was to believe the other workers when they said kids were difficult, when really they were just wanting love.

....When I first started at the job I was told not to pick up the toddlers when they fell over and cried, and to never pick up kids older than a toddler. I was warned that such attention would "spoil" the kids. Two of the babies around age 5-7 months were labeled "criers" and "problem babies' because they didn't just keep their mouths shut all day and lay in their cribs or on the floor. At one time I worked in the "sick room" where I cared for about 12 kids, ages 4 months to twelve years old. The older kids ran around playing while the babies crawled on the floor. At one time almost all of the kids in the 9-month old room had the same eye infection. Most of teachers made fun of a baby who everyone thought was "funny looking."

My supervisor said the only thing we could hope for was to keep the kids safe, dry and fed. There was no time for individual learning or nurturing. There were cases of kids being given the wrong lunch, being dressed in other kids' clothes, toddlers being put in front of a small TV for as long as they would sit still and be quiet. I was called "Mommy" by many of the kids. We were told not to encourage this, but some of the kids had no attachment to their parents whatsoever. Some of these kids saw me 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I fed them, potty trained them, read to them, hugged them, played with them, changed them and carried them around. Then after three months I was gone. One toddler broke down and begged me not to leave. She, up to that point, was a screamer who seemed to hate everyone she came in contact with. Now she was begging for me to stay and calling me "Mommy."

Parents may see a daycare as a great place of loving people, but no one can be paid enough to love your child as you do. Remember, daycare workers keep secrets. If they give your kid the wrong food, the wrong vitamins, or forget a dose of medicine, you aren't likely to ever find out. I had no medical or child training, not even child/infant CPR, but I was in charge of a child with severe heart problems. The nurse in the center quit, but I doubt the parents were ever notified there was no longer an RN on staff. Often we were allowed to disobey parent's orders because we believed we knew better than the parents. We skipped diaper rash cream, never washed our hands between diaper changes, overfed kids, and put diapers on one kid his mom strictly ordered us not to. We were always on the look out for parents to make an appearance because it meant getting the kids presentable before the parents made it back to our room. And this was a loving center where the workers really did care about the kids. I shudder to think of how the "bad" places were.
Category =  Behavior, Caregiver, Quality, Regulations


What Daycare Workers Say -- page 7


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Last Updated September 27, 2008

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