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What Daycare Workers Say -- page 24


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Source Quote
E-mail to this site from Julie S., "Former daycare worker, now a mommy",
My (laziest) still a million times better than the times I worked in daycare. They just don't compare
Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Disgruntled Daycare Worker, "Working at a large evangelical faith-based day care",
I have been employed at an evangelical (Christian) faith-based day care in the Deep South (of the United States).
It is a very large day care... The kids have been running around and getting into everything... 
They have been pumping out all the handsoap and hand sanitizer foam from the wall-mounted dispensers. The more aggressive children have been scratching and biting each other. The boys have been fighting over the toy train, the dump truck, and the little fire engine. There's only one of each (no duplicates) so bitter fights have been happening along with tug-of-wars. (The director told me that she doesn't like to buy duplicate toys since these two-year-old kids need to learn how to share and take turns.)
I have put in my resignation notice and I can't wait to get away from this horrible place! It's a juvenile detention facility for two-and-a-half year old children!...

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from an anonymous day care worker in Alabama. "Positive Discipline", 14-Mar-11 A lot of day care workers think that ("positive discipline" means) it's ok to threaten a child with being hit, (as long as they don't) actually go through with the threat.
What day care workers really like to do, is they will scare a kid to death and the poor child will be sitting in his chair in tears. He'll be wailing and all the kids will be looking at him and everyone starts to get upset. Then the day care worker who caused all the turmoil will say, "Dry it up!!!! We don't want no cry babies in here. I say dry it up, NOW!!!! If you don't stop crying RIGHT NOW, I'm gonna REALLY give you something to cry about!" Then they'll make a fist and will wave it around like they're going to sucker punch them.
It's really sad that so many child care directors hire these unskilled, uneducated, autocratic, control-freak, just plain MEAN women to work in their centers...

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Ashley R., "Your site is so true!!!!", 18-Mar-11 I read a lot of the things people have said (on your website) and am glad I'm not alone.
I have recently worked in a daycare center for five years, and the entire time I was miserable.
I was constantly sick with colds and stomach bugs...
The director hired anyone who would work for minimum wage, claiming to parents she only hired qualified girls while she charged them an arm and a leg for tuition.
We rarely got bathroom breaks due to the fact that you had to stay in ratio, and you needed someone to stand in for you.
I would always think to myself, "I can't wait to go home", and then I thought, "If I feel this way how do these poor kids feel?"
I was so stressed I would cry on my way home.
I would never put my child in daycare after seeing first hand what goes on.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Nancy Q., "Web site and topic", 24-Mar-11 I have been thrown up on and had to stay in the same clothing as there are not enough extra staff so I could go home to change.
I have gotten every sickness known to man and used my own sick days and vacation time due to a child's illness.
I could go on and on...

Category = Caregiver, Disease
E-mail to this site from JG, "From a daycare teacher", 29-Mar-11 I have worked in childcare for almost 4 years.
After several years working in two different centers, I no longer feel any passion for the job. It's not the children.
It's daycare every day life that sucks the fun and enjoyment out of early childhood. I loathe daycare centers.
Certain kids will always be favored over others, teachers are not what they seem, and some pretty horrible stuff goes down even at the "nice" daycares. My job has caused me so much stress and I am miserable every day.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Sherri S. "Daycare Worker", 20-Apr-11's impossible to ensure complete safety for each child...impossible to prevent spread of germs and disease...
I have witnessed one child eating another child's spit-up...on my watch because I couldn't get there fast enough to stop it. What can you do when you have one child on the diaper station and there are 2 toddlers standing on a table or chair about to fall???
It's impossible...they are constantly crying, craving's heartbreaking.
I would NEVER...repeat...NEVER put my child in one...just the thought of it makes my stomach turn. It borders on abuse. I hate my job and am searching diligently for other work...and I feel so guilty leaving the kids in my room to deal with the day-to-day long hours of their lives in that monstrous place.

Category = Caregiver, Danger, Disease


What Daycare Workers Say -- page 24


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Last Updated May 17, 2011

Quotes from Daycare workers, by date: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 |

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