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What Daycare Workers Say -- page 22


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Source Quote
E-mail to this site from Noelle C, "Former Daycare Worker's Story",
I got a job at a my church. I was horrified at the stories (in your website) but I was also optimistic, hoping that this daycare would be different.
At first it seemed like it was...but then I noticed how some of the babies that were "cuter" would get more attention while the others were left in the high chairs for almost an hour at a time (the babies cries to get out were ignored), the director and supervisors would make fun of the kids and the parents behind their backs.
One time a little four year old boy...started the morning bad. He wanted his mom. I held him on my lap and told him I would as long as he wanted. The teacher said, "Suck it up. Don't baby him..." I wanted to cry with him.
[Another time we were over ratio (again)] and while the kids were playing outside one of the kids jumped off the jungle gym and kicked one of the other kids in the face giving him a bloody nose. The teacher couldn't do anything about it because there was no one to help her and there was only one person in the main room so she couldn't leave the room either.
I started to get so stressed out and my heart ached for the kids that didn't get any nurture. I had to quit. Everything you said on this website is true. And yes, I do care a lot about the kids. But there was SO many of them...
I am never, EVER, sending my...children to daycare after enduring that ... That was the most stressful time of my life.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Dave L, "Mutual concerns",
I spent the last 16 years working as a preschool teacher for a large corporate-sponsored day care chain...
Last year I was summarily dismissed after publicly voicing concerns about bullying that was going on at the center, by both caregivers and children. The state department of welfare investigated but was unable to substantiate the abuse. I was told by the ... supervisor of the region that they were understaffed and did not have the legal authority they needed to get others to cooperate with their investigations. There is no whistle-blower protection...for day-care (at-will) employees.
Our center was NAEYC-accredited and was receiving grant money from the state ...
Thank you (for your website). Our children are at-risk, and not because of a lack of reading and math skills. They are at-risk simply because too many day care workers don't care...
Category = Caregiver, Danger
E-mail to this site from Lindsey C, "Hi",
I am a licensed and certified at home daycare provider...
...(I saw) a teacher through the window abuse my child at a top preschool where we live. From that day on I vowed to never put my children or another child go through that!!!! There are a lot of crooked woman and men out there providing daycare...I think it's important to point out to parents that they need to inspect their daycare daily.

Category = Caregiver, Danger
E-mail to this site from Cynthia E, "...stated",
I have a lot of experience with daycares...
Yes, (that) infants and toddlers fare better with parents is not arguable...

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from LJ from Canada, "question",
Wow- what a website. I only have briefly glanced at it but I am glad to see what I see.
I am an insider to the field as well. I am a registered early childhood educator (in Canada) for the last 18 years (all of my adult life). and have previously run my own center (12 yrs) plus worked in schools, daycares, camps, rec centers, special ed , etc...
I would love to see all daycare jobs become obsolete (even if that means my own!)...
Why on God's earth do we think that strangers (even nice ones) should do the job best left for the child's family...?
Our children are being shortchanged by the socially engineered child factories and it has not only become acceptable, it has been deemed desirable!  Woe is us!

Category = Caregiver, Politics
E-mail to this site from Brandy F., "WOW!!!!",
I currently work in a daycare...I have been in child care for 6 years...
I really think everyone has at least one bad experience with a child care center...
Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Tabitha K., "Want to be added to comments!",
hello- I have seen all the negative comments from the workers, and it made me VERY sad...
I too worked for a daycare, that didn't clean, follow state rules, or didn't have right student to teacher ratios....ever.
I was left alone many times with 16 two year olds! my boss said she'd come in and help me and NEVER seen her once!
ALL alone with 16 two yr olds from 6am till 4pm!...
Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Elaine H., "Comment on your Website",
My name is Elaine and I ran a home daycare for 26 years...
I started a daycare because I did not want to put my child / children in I not the world worst hypocrite? LOL!
I will be honest, I wish EVERY mother would stay at home with their babies until kindergarten.....nobody is like momma......
Anyway, I actually agree with you almost 100%...

Category = Caregiver


What Daycare Workers Say -- page 22


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Last Updated May 17, 2011

Quotes from Daycare workers, by date: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 |

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