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What Daycare Workers Say -- page 2


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Source Quote
posted by "carmody"
on forum:
"Is Daycare Good for Kids?"
I worked in 2 different daycares after I graduated college. I got out because it was too heartbreaking. At one (daycare) I was told do not sit the children on your lap to read to them or otherwise hug them etc. because then they'll all want to be hugged and the staff didn't want to be bothered.

At another "upscale" center I witnessed the following:
A 3 year old slipped out the back door (not on my shift, thankfully) and was gone for about an hour. The mom was not called right away. Scalding hot tea was tipped over and burned a 1 year old's chest (again, thankfully, not on my watch). One of the aides had left it on a low counter where the baby tipped it.

...In my neighborhood there is a woman who is the "babysitter". She has a nice business. Lots of kids. All the moms are so happy with her. Sometimes, some of the kids play with my kids. Once, a 5 year old by sat in my living room, slumped in a chair, and calmly blurted out to my children ... "you are so lucky. You get to stay home and play with your own toys." He's been at this woman's home since he was 6 weeks old. Everyday. Up at 6 and in her home by 7:30. Waiting for his mom to come and get him.
...No one loves a child like his mother... no one. No one thinks your child is cute. No one thinks your child is that special. Only a mother feels intense pride and joy at every cute thing a baby does. And you will never be able to pay anyone to love your baby...not like you do.
Category =  Caregiver, Danger, Quality

Not all daycares are as good as they appear
Well, I went and worked for this daycare and had my kids in there, too... (She goes on to list of 10 problems with the daycare.)
Now there is more that I can tell but I think the point is proven. I was told by many people that this was a very respectable Christian daycare. The people in there were supposed to be so sweet and the kids were to be "spoiled" in there. I found out this was not the case. Behind closed doors the things that are going on are wrong. But the parents don't see what was going on.
...I would never put my kids back through that again.

Category =  Caregiver, Danger, Quality
Daycare: A crapshoot at best
I am not a parent yet although I hope to be someday. I am however a long-time daycare provider with experience in six different daycares. My time in these places has been as long as 3 years and as short as 3 days. They were in different communities and served different populations, but they had one thing in common. They were not good places to leave your children. At most of them the children were at least safe, but if parents were hoping their child was being enriched by the daycare experience, trust me they were mistaken.
Category =  Caregiver,  Quality
Daycare: A crapshoot at best
There are rules about how many children are permitted to be with each staff member...they are often ignored. Daycare owners pinch pennies at every turn so they push ratios to the limits and often exceed them. Even the ethical ones are forced to do this on occasion because daycare staffs are notorious for missing work.
Category =  Caregiver,  Quality,  Regulations
Daycare: A crapshoot at best
Children who go to daycare are looking at new faces literally every day.
...Wherever you choose there will be a transient, overworked, underpaid, and undereducated staff taking care of your child.
...(daycare) is simply babysitting.
...Daycare can't, and probably shouldn't, raise your child.
Category =  Caregiver,  Quality
Day-care centers no match for home care
Natalie H.
Lexington Herald Leader
The recently publicized day-care study simply validated what I had suspected for years, based on observations during a total of five years of work at two child-care centers.
...(daycare) is no substitute for one-on-one care.  (Daycare) centers have...a high turnover rate of employees who are usually high school or college students or who have few qualifications for other jobs... The chance that children will have the same caregiver for more than a few months is slim.
...the legal teacher to child ratios are outrageous, allowing one teacher for every five infants, six one-year-olds or ten two-year-olds.  This hardly allows for individualized care.
After working in the profession as long as I have, putting my children in day care would be a last resort.
Category = Caregiver, Quality, Regulations


What Daycare Workers Say -- page 2


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Last Updated September 27, 2008

Quotes from Daycare workers, by date: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 |

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