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What Daycare Workers Say -- page 15


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Source Quote
My Daycare Experience, from the Unfolding Moments blog, comment by Shelby, 30-Jun-06 One thing that I learned while my mom and sister worked at a Christian day care is that they often aren't much different than a secular one! The children were still set down to watch "101 Dalmatians", few of the teachers even did devotions with the children, and on top of the "normal" day care issues there are the "church politics". (For instance, there) was one little girl there who was beyond naughty; kicking, screaming, biting (the other children and the teachers!). the other children were literally terrified of her (one poor little girl to the point of actually wetting herself) but the teachers were told not to be too tough on her because her grandfather was a "big wig" and major financial contributor to the church. There were also never enough teachers to go around.
Category = Caregiver
whyidontknow blog
I have also come to the conclusion that I will never ever send my children to daycare. After working at 2 different daycares who have entirely different ways of running things, 1 thing is present no matter what...that the children are neglected, yelled at for no reason....
Category = Caregiver
The Joys of working with Children?
from Mindydanz' Live Journal posting,


The little germ-infested monsters got me super sick....
All these daycares I work at are all fancy-shmancy, accredited this, awards in that, and 50% absent kids all the time because they are always getting sick.
Category = Caregiver, Disease

E-mail to this site from Donna B., "I was a daycare worker",
I was a daycare worker...and it haunts me to this day. I tear up just thinking back on it. I remember trying to find a "good" daycare to work for. They would hire you on the spot with practically no info. about you. When I became so sickened by what I saw, I quit and went to another daycare, a bigger, better looking one. (8 times)
When our first child was born, I knew one thing for certain. Even though we had very little money, my babies would NEVER go to a daycare.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Kelli F.,
I recently have been employed by a daycare. Upon my arrival, I noticed certain things that should not be happening...
...I feel like something should be done. I you have any advice...I would greatly appreciate it...
Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Depree L.,
Wow! Your website is right on! I worked in a child care facility...I am ashamed to say I did.
...myself and the other providers couldn't possibly meet their needs.
...Now I have two very small children and I couldn't bear the thought of putting them in childcare.
Thank you for your website.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Mary, "Awesome",
I can not tell you how long I've felt the same way about day cares. I was a day care teacher for 3 years.
...I could go on forever about the sadness in these children in missing their parents who had dropped them off. I was heartbroken every single day.

Category = Caregiver
E-mail to this site from Andrea B, "comment", 5-Dec-06

...I was a childcare teacher at many childcare centers. As soon as I found out (I was pregnant with my daughter), I knew I would never put her in daycare. I had seen too much.
...Many people that I have talked to about daycare think that I am exaggerating when I tell them about these things. This site is proof that I am not the only (one).

Category = Caregiver


What Daycare Workers Say -- page 15


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Last Updated March 08, 2009

Quotes from Daycare workers, by date: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 |

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