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Daycares Don't Care
What Do I Know, I'm Just The Babysitter blog,
A blog by Judy Trickett, A Canadian Daycare Provider Who Offers A Sarcastic & Acrimonious Approach To The Inside World Of Childcare.
I visit this site (Daycares Don't Care) often. I like to read any new articles on the detrimental effects of daycare on children. It has been known for many years that the younger a child enters daycare and the more hours a child spends in non-family care the more aggressive that child will be or become. These are not opinions - they are fact. And Daycares Don't Care is quick to point this out.

The other section of this site that is interesting are the comments by daycare workers. I encourage you to pour yourself a cup of coffee and browse those comments. You might be surprised by how true those comments are and how many of them ring true in your own head. If anything, those comments, made by real, honest to goodness people, tell the real story of daycare. Some of those comments are resentful, some of them insightful, but most of them are simply sad. These comments, more than anything I have ever read about daycare are true.
...all in all they do not paint a very pretty picture.
Category = Caregiver, Quality
Daycares Don't Care
The Dr. Laura blog,
(Originally broadcast during
Hour 1 of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio show,
My commentary today has to do with being proactive in dealing with society's ills...
And I consider daycare, outside of emergency backup, a form of child neglect.
And definitely one of society's ills, as mothers are being universally reinforced to turn their babies, toddlers, and small children over to institutionalization instead of loving parental contact for most of the day.

Now, I've checked out this website (, it's great, filled with important information you need to know for your own well-being, as well as your child's.
Enough of media complaining about the "Day-Care Crisis" instead of "Home-Care Crisis".
I've had enough of politicians pushing for more government daycare subsidies versus tax breaks for at-home parenting.
Enough of people extolling the benefits of institutionalized daycare, while disdaining at-home parental involvement.
I've had enough, I hope you have had too.

So check out and help yourself and the next Mom out there who could benefit from your pro-family activities by feeling supported in doing what should come naturally...
Loving your child versus watching them on nannycam.
Category = Politics, Quality
Debbie Schlussel, Conservative political commentator, radio talk show host & columnist.
What happens to a nation when children understand parents to be “the strangers who pick us up from day care at 6 PM”?
Category = Politics
The Numbers Behind Daytime Orphanages
by Laura Wood
The Thinking Housewife blog

“DAYCARE” centers should not have the word “care” anywhere in their names. They should be called daytime orphanages or simply child maintenance centers. Even though many good people work for them, and many good people send their children to them, these institutions cannot provide humane care and are major breeders of contagious childhood diseases.
Category = Disease, Quality




Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2010, p1


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