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Sex Offenders As Child Care Workers
by Dr. Laura Schlessinger's blog,

I have been thoroughly amazed at how the injuries, abuse, and deaths of children in day care centers has left many attending families angry - but angry with the authorities for closing them down! Can you imagine that?
Category = Danger, Politics

Diaper Genie
by Emily Yoffe
Slate online magazine,

If you work in child care...(e)very day will immerse you in the excreta of your profession: tears, saliva, mucous, urine, feces.
...Noses were a more pervasive problem. I had never noticed that all young nostrils are spigots permanently set to "on."

Category = Caregiver, Disease

Diaper Genie
by Emily Yoffe
Slate online magazine,

But no one has resolved the tension between parents' desire for day care that is high-quality and low-cost. Low-cost means low pay for the workers, which means high turnover, which means lower quality.
Category = Caregiver, Economics, Quality

Get Your Kids Out of Thug Day Care Indoctrination
Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page, by Rush Limbaugh,  American radio host and conservative political commentator)

Some parents have been laid off and must pull their children out of the day care center...
See, I think this is a good thing, especially if it's government run day care. Get the kids the hell out of there.
This is one of these silver linings in the cloud...the children are suffering in day care, we just don't know it 'til they get out of there...

Category = Caregiver, Economics, Quality
Day Care Bites the Dust
The Dr. Laura blog,
I know I have made myself quite a controversial subject by my insistence that children be loved, cared for and raised by their mommies and daddies instead of hired help and institutionalized child care.
According to a recent report in USA Today, parents nationwide are telling day care providers that “they must scale back or abandon their services (due to economic problems)...
Of course, the day care industry is scurrying around trying to come up with a plan to save itself. Many are offering all kinds of hours and financial deals. The USA Today article, after noting that the 2005 U.S. Census Bureau data (the most recent available) indicated that 2.65 million preschoolers attended day care, and that current statistics of un-enrollment were not available, called the situation “distressing.”
Sure it’s distressing for an industry that has been so effective in its marketing, that parents who actually raise their own children are made to feel guilty for doing so. But it is not distressing for the children, who will now be in the arms of people who love them and are there to teach, nurture, support, and experience life with them.
If it is true that every cloud has a silver lining, then the “shine” is there for many children of parents who can no longer pay the $3,000 to over $10,000 a year for day care, because mommy or daddy is coming home to you.
Category = Economics, Quality




Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2008, p1


 Last updated:  08/08/2010

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