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Quotes from web articles about daycare - 2001, p8


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The Bond Between Mother and Child
By Jasto, posted after April 2001,
most day care centers provide one care giver to six infants, and the care giver won't be the only person with your child if your child is in full time day care. bottom line: standard day care cannot meet your infants needs.
Category = Quality
The Bond Between Mother and Child
By Jasto, posted after April 2001,
The National Institute of Child Health and Development has been conducting a long-term study on day care in America. Theyve found that 90% of infant care is substandard. In fact, a day care researcher declared there are NO good infant day care centers in the state of Virginia.
Category = Quality
The Bond Between Mother and Child
By Jasto, posted after April 2001,
Even in centers that meet cleanliness, education, and staff-ratio requirements, what has been found is that infants are rarely held, rarely spoken to, rarely stimulated. Their only contact with grownups comes when they are changed and fed. This is not what a babys day should be like, for optimal brain and emotional development.
Category = Development, Quality
Facts About Day Care
By Jasto, posted after April 2001,
Social Skills are HARMED BY DAYCARE
Children who experienced little or no daycare were more likely to behave pro-socially, suggesting that daycare may actually inhibit socialization for some children.
Category = Behavior

Illegitimocracy (or The Mommy Wars) By Lowell Ponte , 25-Apr-01

Truth be told, if you take toddlers starved for attention from their own mothers and throw them into a group of 30 others trying to get attention from one day care surrogate mother, there will be competition, frustration, and conflict. 
But what else does it do to tender, formative children forced into that struggle?
Category = Behavior

Editorial: Daycare damage: new evidence
Full Time Mothers Newsletter, May 2001
Professor John Ermisch of the Institute of Social and Economic Research measured variations in academic achievements between siblings brought up differently. He found that for every year a mother works full-time before her child starts school, the child's prospects of gaining at least one A-level* fall by as much as 9%.
*A-levels = short for "Advanced level General Certificates of Education".  A-levels are non-compulsory examinations taken by students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the end of secondary education -- typically during the academic year a student turns eighteen.
Category = Development
We Don't Want Daycare,
May 2001 newsletter
The point is, universal and "free" daycare is hardly that. Those of us who know what it is to share a three-year-old's world wouldn't swap it for a minimum wage or a five-figure paycheck, so it wouldn't be universal. And free? Who will pay for the daycare center, the heat, light, and mortgage on the building, if not those of us already paying for the heat, light, and mortgage on our own buildings? Paying through the nose, incidentally.
We don't want daycare.

Send (the money) to the Mother (instead). Let her have true choice about care of her young child.

Category = Economics, Politics


Quotes from web articles about daycare - 2001, p8


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