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What does religious doctrine say about Daycare? p4

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Islam and Daycare
(aka Muslim Daycare)

Some daycare advocates mistakenly use the story of the Prophet Muhammad's Bedouin wet-nurse as justification for using substitute care.

Amina, Muhammad's widowed mother, put him in the care of Halima Sadia, a Bedouin woman who lived in the desert southeast of the city "to grow up away from Makkah and her epidemics"*.Islamic daycare or childcare, Muslim daycare or childcare

The ancient overcrowded city of Mecca was unsanitary and plagued with sickness, not unlike today's daycares.

Far from being an endorsement of daycare, Muhammad's concerned mother entrusted her only child to Halima's care precisely to avoid conditions found in today's daycares!

*-- The Life of Muhammad,  by Muhammad Husayn Haykal © 1976, p 50

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Last updated:  07/12/2009

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