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 What People Say about daycare, page 20


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Source/Date Quote
e-mail to this site from Stephen C., 13-Jan-07 I just wanted to respond to your web page to say thank you for speaking out...
A loving home environment (is better for our son than) the unloving, disobedient atmosphere of an American daycare center.

Category = Behavior, Politics
e-mail to this site from Mellissae A., "Child Care Alert",
To make a VERY long story short we placed our children in a daycare center that had a good reputation and no negative actions against their license. After a short time, my son became extremely ill, my daughter's arm was broken, and we found out the center had hired someone on the Central Registry for Child Abuse and Neglect. We removed our children immediately and were subsequently harassed by the family that owns the daycare. We had to file for a protection order against them...they have since sued us for defamation because we have told people what happened to our children and how they can get copies of the inspections into this daycare (that has since been paced on probation.)
...obviously there are several daycare providers that thrive knowing parents aren't aware of what happens after they drop off their children...

Category = Danger, Disease, Regulation
e-mail to this site from Serenity Cherub, 4-Feb-07
Web Site Comment
I would like to commend you for publicly taking a stand on the Daycare issue. I, too, thought my son needed to be in a Day Care setting to learn social skills. Well, I was right. He learned how to hit, bite, talk back and use curse words at age 3 from a two-year old.
Category = Behavior
e-mail to this site from Vickie G., "Great Site not feeling too bad for my own...yet sad for the other babies.",
7-Feb-07 thank you, I will watch my own kids and keep them safe from neglect & germs!
And I do feel bad and sorry for those babies...if you are considering this sucking option called "DAYCARE" and you want the dirty truth...I will tell you!

Category = Disease, Quality
e-mail to this site from Carrie S., "your website",
I love this site and it has a lot of good information...
I just wanted you to know I have always said I will not send my children to daycare...and now after seeing your site and doing some other research about daycares I definitely will not send my two little girls into a daycare for any reason.
Thank you for all the valuable information.
e-mail to this site from Minga P., "comment",
Hello, I was so glad to see that I was not the only one with concerns about Daycares.
(She started getting) "ouchy reports" at they local Christian Dayschool. They were scratches from other classmates, bruises from being hit in the head with a play bucket and a bruise on her knee from being pushed...
I was flabbergasted by what (the director) said to me. She told me that the "new kids" get initiated by the other kids and that it was good for her to learn to defend herself. How can anyone have that kind of mentality about 2-year-olds? What are they, in the Army?
I guess no one can love your children like you can...Daycares won't.
Category = Danger
e-mail to this site from HSF CN, "local daycare",
I noticed the local daycare in my town, walks the kids in a cart that holds the infants, while the older kids that can walk, are tethered to the daycare employee....
You would have to see the looks on the faces of these little kids - my hear breaks every time I see them, which is often when I go to the post office there - they are actually walking the kids like dogs.
...(to put a child in daycare) would be near-criminal in my opinion, if one parent can stay home and watch them.
I can not image having to be raised in daycare - it must be a real nightmare for kids...
This society is treating children like pets. Some pets are actually treated even better.

Category = Politics
e-mail to this site from Kerryn d P, "great website",
Just wanted to say thanks for a great website.
Most of my close friends have their children in daycare and you can tell - they're very insecure and disobedient.
Keep up the good work. Wish there were more websites out there like this one.

Category = Behavior


 What People Say about daycare, page 20


Last updated:  03/23/2009

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