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 What People Say about daycare, page 19


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Source/Date Quote
E-mail to this site from Concepcion L, "Keep up the good work!", 12-Jun-06 I think society's acceptance of daycare is sick and sad. In fact, since having my child, my heart goes out to those poor kids dumped in daycare. The poor children are the ones who suffer the most...
I know why it's such a regular occurrence for other's kids being sick all the time. Dumping them to daycare does it.
You better believe I've become an unofficial advocate against daycare.

Category =  Disease
E-mail to this site from Jill K., "My comment", 24-Jun-06 I had my kids in what I thought was a wonderful facility. I discovered things that were terribly wrong. If parents HAVE TO put their children in daycare...please make surprise would be amazed what goes on with your kids.
E-mail to this site from Amy R., "Thank you!", 24-Jun-06 You cannot imagine the relief and gratitude I felt when I found your web site. I have the exact same opinion...
I can always tell who has had their kids in daycare, and who has not. The daycare kids are, of course, sicker, more aggressive, and emotionally detached from much of the world around them....
Thanks for letting me vent..., What's wrong with daycare? posted by Carrie 3-Jul-06 My husband is a service electrician. One day he was working at a daycare in one to the most economically prosperous areas of Atlanta. He called me in the middle of the day because he had to talk...the constant crying of babies disturbed him so much...he was having a difficult time getting through the day. He described the "infant room" as a bunch of carseats sitting around with crying babies in them. He didn't see caretakers, he was working behind the scenes...
Category = Quality
e-mail to this site from Jill Z., "Thank you for your site",
I just wanted to thank you so much for giving this stay-at-home mom of a toddler some affirmation that I've made the right choice.
...I am also a former teacher and have seen the deleterious effects of a childhood spent in daycare...
I can't imagine leaving my baby boy in these germ-infested baby farms.
I hope more and more people start to understand that daycare really damages kids.

Category = Behavior, Disease, Politics
e-mail to this site from Melody G., "Insight greatly appreciated!",
My mother and several others have been pressuring me to go back to work...I felt defenseless to a point, but now have seen true insight into child care centers.
Thank you for the website you established.

Category = Politics
e-mail to this site from Michele S., "question",
First off, great site!
I so want to send it off to everyone I know whose child is in daycare but I am afraid to make them feel bad.
Funny, though, because these people have no problem trying to make me feel bad for staying home (with my kids).

Category = Politics
e-mail to this site from Kathy C., "Thank you",
Thank you for standing against foolishness in today's society where parents are being coerced to institutionalize their babies and children.
You are right on the mark.

Category = Politics
e-mail to this site from Lisa K., "Moral Support",
I've just found your website and would like to give you every support I can...
I am so opposed to daycare and the economy that encourages it, and I am very glad you exist.

Category = Economics


 What People Say about daycare, page 19


Last updated:  03/23/2009

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