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 What People Say about daycare, page 14


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Source/Date Quote
e-mail to this site from
Hannah, "Thank you!!!", 16-Jan-05


...I wanted to thank you for standing up for what is right when it comes to the issue of Daycare.
...It is a sad and terrible thing that we as Americans are letting our children be raised by complete strangers.
...It absolutely infuriates me when I see a little child, no older than 3 or 4 stranded in a Daycare center, helplessly waiting and watching for their mother or father's return at the end of each day.
...I applaud all of the people involved who have sacrificed and given of themselves to make it known to parents the damage that is done, both physically and emotionally to these children who are placed in Daycare.
Thank you again.  I stand behind you all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
Category = Quality
David S, 18-Jan-05 If daycare is supposedly as expensive as tuition at a university, and if child care providers are among the lowest-paid jobs, who's getting all the money?
Category = Economics
e-mail to this site from
Lizabeth, "Your site is great", 19-Jan-05
I am 35 years old, and I have an almost 10 month old baby. I have a Masters degree in Library Science, and a Bachelors degree in English Literature. I was employed as a high school librarian, and have been home on maternity leave since the middle of my pregnancy. Today I officially resigned my position at the school, and am now officially a stay at home Mom! I was feeling a little guilty about leaving the job for financial reasons, but reading some of the quotes from daycare workers on your site reminded me why it is SO important that I be here for my little girl! The thought of leaving my precious little angel with her big blue eyes somewhere where I couldn't see her ALL DAY kills me...even though I am here with her, just the thought of her being in the situations described breaks my heart. I cannot help but feel so sad for little children who can't have a hug when they need one, or who can't take a nap in their parent's arms whenever they wish...

I wish there was more that could be done to make people see what daycare is doing to children! I also wish there was more being done to make being a stay at home parent more feasible for people...I am so very grateful my baby won't experience such sadness. When I called my Principal to resign today, (he) said that he can pick out the kids who have a parent at home because they do better academically and have fewer social/emotional issues...his wife stays home with their kids too.

Your site is an invaluable resource...I wish more people would see it and take what it says to heart. We can turn a deaf ear to this crisis only so long before it results in something awful...I fear it already has for countless individuals.

Thank you for your hard work, and for making me feel more strongly that I did the right thing today!
Category = Economics, Quality, Politics
e-mail to this site from Mark and Carolyn M., 31-Jan-05 ...I also find it amazing how many people at my work feel free to recommend to me that our daughter should go to daycare and she will be better off for it. My supervisor" actually cornered my wife at a holiday party and asked her if she was sure our daughter was getting enough interaction with other children, which of course made my wife cry.
I want to thank you for the site. It is actually quite inspirational, and will keep us thinking about what is truly best for our daughter whenever some clod suggests daycare. I also found many of the comments on your site extremely sad and disturbing. I feel sorry for many of the kids referenced.
Category =  Quality, Politics


 What People Say about daycare, page 14


Last updated:  03/23/2009

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