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Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2008, p1


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News Articles


Mem Fox sparks new row claiming care hurts baby brains, by Matthew Fynes-Clinton, The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Australia), 24-Oct-08 SENDING babies to long periods of daycare is like maltreating the family puppy, according to children's author Mem Fox.
"Putting babies as young as two weeks into child care for the first year of their life, for 60 hours a week, will cause their brains damage," she said in article to be published in tomorrow's Qweekend magazine.
She added: "For me, the corollary is buying a puppy, putting it in kennels for the whole of the week and playing with it at the weekends. "I couldn't do it to a dog, so I certainly couldn't do it to a child."

Category = Development
Down and Dirty: Ten Most Germy Jobs,
by Joseph Brownstein, ABC News, 27-Oct-08
Gerba* said he often tells people, "If you don't want to stay healthy, become a day care center worker."
Because of the children, whose hygiene habits often lead to their carrying germs, microbes are abundant in day care centers, studies find.
"Certainly, [day care center workers] get a high level of exposure," said Gerba. "During the flu season ... in a day care center, about half of the objects have a flu virus on it."

*Dr. Charles P. Gerba, University of Arizona microbiologist, whose work on microbes has earned him the nickname "Dr. Germ"
Category = Disease
Childcare is bad for your baby, working parents are warned
by Alexandra Frean, The Times  (Britain)
Parents and governments are taking a high-stakes gamble with the long-term wellbeing of children by subjecting them to long hours of formal childcare from a very young age, according to a Unicef* report.
The study...recommends that all children should where possible be cared for by parents at home during the first 12 months of life.
The research, which draws on a wealth of scientific and psychological studies, as well as government data, is bound to reignite the fraught debate on whether overexposure to formal childcare is bad for very young children. cites research from Britain and the US suggesting that children who spend too long in formal childcare at too young an age may suffer from long-term effects, including behavioural problems, aggression, antisocial behaviour, depression and an inability to concentrate

*United Nations Children's Fund
Category = Development
Day care putting children at risk,
by Adele Horin, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 12-Dec-08
The (UNICEF*) report, called The Child Care Transition, describes the mass movement of young children into child care as a "high-stakes gamble"...
The report, which draws on global and scientific studies, favours children being cared for a home for the first year of their life...

*United Nations Children's Fund
Category = Development


Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2008, p1


Last updated:  12/03/2011

News Articles from:  1980 | 1990 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008| 2009 |2010 |2011 |

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