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Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2007, p2


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News Articles


Nurseries 'turning our children into yobs*'
Laura Clark, The Daily Mail (UK),
yobs = slang term for an uncouth individual or thug
Labour's drive to put toddlers in childcare so mothers can go out to work is damaging a generation, the Government's own research showed yesterday.
Young children who spend long hours in nurseries are more disruptive and anxious than infants mainly looked after at home by their mothers. The earlier they go to nursery, the worse their behaviour becomes.
Toddlers left in daycare for at least 30 hours a week are "significantly" more likely to bully other children, tease them, call them names and demand their own way.
But they also became worried and upset. They were more prone to pouting, frowning and stamping their feet if asked to try a new activity and to worry about not getting enough food, drink or toys.
The explosive findings, arising from the first study of its kind, blow holes in a decade of Government policy which has massively expanded childcare....
Billions have been poured into subsidising nurseries and childminders through the tax credit system, direct daycare benefits and the Sure Start project...

Now a major Government study, by a team of researchers from Oxford University and the Institute of Fiscal Studies, has found long periods spent in daycare increase the risk "problem behaviour".
The findings prompted critics to describe Britain's growing culture of "institutionalised" childcare as a "tragedy" for youngsters.

Category = Behavior, Politics
In praise of doggy day care
The primeval (and low-cost!) parenting skills of man's best friend.
Los Angeles Times, by Heather Havrilesky
August 1, 2007
Sure, at first you'll be ashamed to even consider your (two loyal) dogs as appropriate guardians for your child. But then you'll get to thinking: Given the lack of affordable, high-quality day-care options these days, could two dogs really be much worse than the shoddy supervision most kids receive at the local child-care center? You know your dogs really well -- it's not like some total stranger will be raising your baby. Aren't your dogs affectionate? Wouldn't they watch your kid like a hawk and follow her everywhere, especially if you taped a cookie to her forehead?
And how many day-care providers can promise a 2-to-1 caregiver-to-child ratio?

I've read the reports, so I know that dropping my baby off at day care is tantamount to throwing her to a pack of wild dogs. My dogs aren't very well-trained, but at least they're domesticated.
Category = Quality
National daycare redux
The National Post (Ontario)
by Andrea Mrozek
The attempt to revive the ... national daycare plan using Bill C-303 is moving forward despite the fact that it is the least popular with parents and that many of the country's provinces want nothing to do with it.
Category = Politics
'Big-box' daycare coming to Canada
Industry worried as Aussie 'Fast Eddy' looking to expand his $2.2 billion empire
The Toronto Star, by Robert Cribb & Dale Brazao, 20-Oct-2007
The largest daycare corporation in the world often criticized for cutting care to raise profits is bringing its controversial form of big-box privatized child care to Canada.
Nicknamed "Fast Eddy," Australian-based entrepreneur Edmund Groves, who holds Canadian citizenship, is behind a move to purchase daycares in Ontario, Alberta and B.C.
It's all part of a rapid global expansion by Groves' ABC Learning Centres, which last year added about 1,000 U.S. centres to its empire.

Groves' meteoric rise has drawn criticism from numerous corners.
The Sydney Morning Herald published a story about Groves with the headline: "Cradle Snatcher." Last year, Labour MP Michael Danby attacked Groves in federal parliament, saying the daycare king has become rich by "milking government (child care) subsidies."
In a 2006 report by the Australian Institute, a respected Australian think-tank, researchers said poor food quality and cost-cutting have compromised quality even as ABC has amassed a fortune from public child care subsidies given to parents.

Groves, a Canadian expatriate, is one of Australia's richest people wealthier than Hollywood star Nicole Kidman with a personal fortune of nearly $259 million.
The ABC chain generated operating profits of more than $70 million last year alone, up 149.9 per cent over the previous year.
In a few short years ABC has become one of the biggest child care providers in the U.S. and the U.K. in addition to Australia and New Zealand.
Category = Economics, Politics


Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2007, p2


Last updated:  03/08/2008

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