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 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 2000, p1

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The Importance of Secure Bonding between Children and Parents by M.L. Genuis, from the Journal of Empathetic Parenting,   before March 2000

(meta-analysis shows)...non-parental care for more than 20 hours per week has an unmistakably negative effect...children need their parents when children need their parents, NOT when it is convenient for the parent.
Category = Behavior
Are humans born aggressive?
More boys than girls lash out at others, Montreal professor says
by Mathieu-Robert Sauvé
The Vanier Institute of the Family,
Volume 9, 
March, 2000
Imagine you’re in a group where 80 per cent of the people are shoving, biting, and kicking; imagine that one in four is hitting as hard as they can.
Scenes like that occur every day in day-care centres across Canada...
Raising a Wild Child
Is daycare preparing toddlers to become bullies?
Christianity Today, June 11, 2001
Problem behavior in children, ranging from rudeness to cruelty and physical attack is in the media spotlight because of two new research reports from the NICHD.  According to this research, these problem behaviors increase as children (age 4.5 to 6) spend more hours in child care, regardless of the quality of the care.
...There seems to be no threshold.  As hours increase, aggressive behavior increases.
...Researchers also reported that bullying is widespread in American schools, says Duane Alexander, NICHD director, "and the bullies themselves are more likely to engage in criminal behavior later in life."
...In many communities, churches are leading providers of (daycare) services to children.  But a church-based preschool (day care) that graduates a Scripture-quoting bully into kindergarten hasn't accomplished very much.
Church leaders should honestly ask themselves:  If this research about child aggression stands the test of time, how should we balance the needs for quality childcare with the risk that the care provided increases aggression in many young children?
Category = Behavior
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Center
by Kay S. Hymowitz
City Journal, v11, n3, Summer 2001
The day-care advocates..., researchers, and sympathetic journalists who write the having-it-all script have always had one major public-relations problem: reassuring people that long hours away from mothers would not harm young children.
Category = Politics, Quality
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Center
 by Kay S. Hymowitz
 City Journal, v11, n3, Summer 2001
Day-care researchers may be scientists by training, but they look more like professional advocates in their efforts to sugarcoat the effects of day care on children...
By the time the (negative) findings (about day care) were massaged into a press release, they had been creatively transformed into a toast to quality day care...
Category = Politics, Quality
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Center
 by Kay S. Hymowitz
 City Journal, v11, n3, Summer 2001
The ideology of day care perfectly captures this revolution in values. Day-care devotees don’t give much thought to young children’s social and emotional growth, believing them to be relatively simple, even relatively unimportant, psychological matters.
Category = Behavior, Politics, Quality
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Center
 by Kay S. Hymowitz
 City Journal, v11, n3, Summer 2001
But in the final analysis, "quality" care is still a pale imitation of what young children can get from besotted* families.
Nor can (an ideal caregiver) possibly have a deep commitment to—or love of—that child, with all his unique tics and tendencies. Not only does she have several other babies to care for at that moment; she knows that in short order each of them will be moving on to the pre-toddler or toddler room to a new set of... ultimately replaceable, teacher-caregivers.
esotted = infatuated
Category = Quality
Fear and Loathing at the Day-Care Center
 by Kay S. Hymowitz
 City Journal, v11, n3, Summer 2001
But the widespread, relentless, high-pressure effort to deny that findings like these have any significance...springs not just from an unwillingness to hear bad news about day care but from the broader tendency of our era to trivialize the deep problem of the socialization of children...
Category = Behavior, Politics

 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p1

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