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 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p1


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Who cares about the kids?  Heroes do
by Eric Utne, Utne Reader,
May/June 1993, page 2
Would we leave our kids with someone else (daycare) if we knew doing so was harmful and perhaps damaging to them?
Unlike most other cultures throughout history and across the planet, Americans are leaving the custodial care as well as the moral education of their young to underpaid, under qualified, overworked proxies.
Category = Quality
Children of the Universe  Good Parenting benefits the Community, as well as kids by Amitai Etzioni quoting Edward Zigler, professor of Child Development at Yale,
Utne Reader
May/June 1993,
page 54
Child-care workers are in the lowest 10th of all wage earners, well below janitors...As Edward Zigler put it, "We pay these people less than we do zookeepers -- and then we expect them to do wonders."  The personnel come and go, at a rate of 41 percent per year at an average day-care center.
Category = Quality
Children of the Universe, Utne Reader,  
May/June 1993, page 54
It would be far from inaccurate to call the worst of these (child-care) facilities kennels for kids.
Category = Quality
Children of the Universe,
Utne Reader,  
May/June 1993,page 54
Young infants, under 2 years old, are particularly vulnerable to separation anxiety. Several bodies of data strongly indicate that infants who are institutionalized (in daycares) at a young age will not mature into well-adjusted adults. As Edward Zigler puts it, "We are cannibalizing children. Children are dying in the system, never mind achieving optimum development."
Unless the parents are absent or abusive, children are better off at home. Older children, between 2 and 4, may be able to handle some measure of institutionalization in child-care centers, but their personalities often seem to unformed to be able to cope well with a nine-to-five separation from a parent.
Category = Behavior


 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p1


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