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Daycare in the U.S. after WWII to the 1960's (Cont.)

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Daycare Becomes "Educational"
A crucial aspect of the growing legitimacy of daycare was the conviction that daycare was educational and thus benefited children...
..The connection between the wartime day care centers and the public schools had helped strengthen the connection between day care and education.
From A Mothers' Job: The History of Daycare, 1890-1960  by Elizabeth Rose, Oxford University Press, Inc., 1999, p 203.

Head Start...generated positive feelings about day care's potential to improve children's lives. Created in 1965 as part of the War on Poverty...Its goals combined those of the charitable day nursery with those of the nursery school.
Ibid, p 213
(Despite its problems*,) Head Start's popularity helped legitimate the idea of educationally oriented day care for all children.
-- Ibid, p 214
*...Head Start children, compared to disadvantaged children who had no preschool at all, scored "lower on almost all measures [upon entering school]."

-- From Day Care Deception -- What the Child Care Establishment isn't telling us  by Brian C. Robertson, Encounter Books, 2003, page 85
*University of Chicago's Benjamin Bloom, Head Start's "Father", ...and others, have long considered Head Start a failure.
-- From Who Will Rock the Cradle, edited by Phyllis Schlafly, 1989, page 88

... National Organization for Women's... 1968 Bill of Rights called for the establishment of child care facilities on the same basis as parks, libraries, and public schools. Radical feminist groups also called for full-time childcare to be provided for all children in the public schools...
-- Elizabeth Rose, Op. Cit., p 213

To Summarize:
Day care proponent, Danielle Ewen of the Children's Defense Fund (was quoted in Newsweek as saying):
Preschool is child care.  Child care is preschool."
--  Brian C. Robertson, Op. Cit.,  p 148

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Last updated:  01/29/2005

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