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Daycare in the U.S. during World War II

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...WWII ...made day care into a full-fledged public issue.
-- From A Mothers' Job: The History of Daycare, 1890-1960  by Elizabeth Rose, Oxford University Press, Inc., 1999, p 153

Convinced that day care was an effective tool for recruiting women, defense contractors...opened day care centers for their employees, although most...(did not).
-- Ibid., p 161

...those concerned primarily with meeting the needs of defense industries urged the creation of day care facilities in order to encourage mothers to take up defense work, thus helping the war effort.
...Day care was thus left to the mercies of those concerned with increasing war production, who in turn created programs that many working mothers were reluctant to use.
-- Ibid., p. 154
Many mothers expressed dismay at the idea of placing their children in the care of strangers...
-- From Past Caring, A History of U.S. Preschool Care and Education for the Poor, 1820-1965  by Emily D. Cahan, 1989 by National Center for Children in Poverty, p. 29
"...A 1943 Gallup Poll Reported that 56 percent of mothers would not use government daycare centers even if they were provided free".
-- From The Politics of Parenthood  by Mary Frances Berry, 1993, P. 108

Employers and government agencies who did advocate providing day care...did so out of a concern with war production, seeing day care as an aid to defense industries, not necessarily as a good in itself.
-- Elizabeth Rose, Op. Cit., p. 162

Despite a lack of support from union leadership, ..., the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) women's auxiliaries vigorously campaigned for day every neighborhood where working mothers live...located in the public schools or in buildings close to elementary schools.
-- Ibid., p. 165

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Last updated:  01/29/2005

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