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The History of Daycare - Overview (cont.)

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Brief History of Daycare (Continued)

Day-care advocates like to portray exclusive parental care of children as an historical anomaly.
"They say mothers have always shared caregiving," Belsky remarks. "That passes off as intellectual sophistication these days.  What they don't go on to say is that in aboriginal societies where mothers share caregiving* they do so with networks of blood relatives -- with people who will know both the parents and the child their whole lives." 
By contrast, the current reality of day care --children cared for by a series of biological strangers who have no long-term commitment to the child or the parents -- is an experiment unprecedented in human history.
*Belsky's remark does not imply that mothers share caregiving in all aboriginal societies. It only applies for the few that do....
-- National Review, "Day careless (dangers of day care to children)", by Maggie Gallagher Jan 26, 1998

Along the same lines as Belsky,  Dr. Maria Montessori (the world-famous early childhood educator) wrote, "But let us think, for a moment, of the many peoples of the world who live at different cultural levels from our own.
...In almost all countries, the baby accompanies his mother wherever she goes.  Mother and child are inseparable.
...Mother and child are mother ever entrusts her child to someone else".
-- The Absorbent Mind  by Maria Montessori, translated from the Italian by C.A. Claremont, 1967, pages 104-105 (Chapter 12)

Dr. Peter S. Cook also confirms Belsky when he wrote, "Large-scale institutional, long-daycare rearing of babies and very young children by professionals offering no continuing relationship with them is without successful precedent in the history of our species".
-- "Rethinking the Early Childcare agenda" by Dr. Peter S. Cook, Medical Journal of Australia, 1999, 170:29-31

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Last updated:  01/29/2005

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