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Daycare in the evil empire
of the former
Soviet Union

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The Communists in Russia were the first to experiment with society-wide collective child-rearing. 
"The resulting social and economic disaster brought on by this perverse attempt at social engineering showed the dangers and costs of manipulating human nature".

-- "The Fractured Dream of Social Parenting" by Allan C. Carlson, page 19, Family Policy Review, Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 2003 (The Child-Care 'Crisis' and Its Remedies)

"With socialism Engels* says, '[p]rivate housekeeping is transformed into a social industry.  The care...of the children becomes a public matter'"
-- Quoted from p 511 of Engels' 1884 tome, The Origin of the Family , Private Property and the State by Charles Siegler in What's Wrong with Daycare:  Freeing Parents to Raise Their Own Children
Friederich Engels, co-author of the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx

" of the first actions of the Institute for the Protection of Motherhood and Childhood was to found factory nurseries for the pre kindergarten child -- places where the mother could leave her children on the way to work in the morning and receive them back again in the evening.   Such nurseries are known as 'cr
-- Protection of Women and Children in Soviet Russia, 1932 Chapter I

"Every Soviet citizen will be assigned to a crche immediately upon leaving the maternity home...."
 -- Three Faces of Marxism, Wolfgang Leonhard, p179 English translation 1974

"Communist educators would have liked to take charge of children from the day they were born, removing them from their parents and placing them in communal nurseries. ...In 1921, Zlata Lilina, an official of the Commissariat of Enlightenment, insisted that it was best for children to be removed from their homes...'Raising children is not the private task of parents, but the task of society.'"
-- Russia under the Bolshevik Regime, p331 by Richard Pipes 1994

"to free women from mothering, Kollontai dreamed of children growing up "in the kindergarten, the children's colony, the crche and the school..."
 -- Individuals in Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1945 Alexandra Kollontai, article by Leonora Ritter of Australia's Charles Sturt University

"Lenin advocated...'day nurseries, [and] kindergartens'...and complained that even the Bolshevik press did too little to praise collective child-care centers."
-- "The Fractured Dream of Social Parenting" by Allan C. Carlson, page 2, Family Policy Review, Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 2003 (The Child-Care 'Crisis' and Its Remedies)

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Last updated:  02/20/2005

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