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Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 6


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How it's used

What it really means:

Social Children learn to be more "social" in daycare. Not only do children learn such "social skills" as kicking, biting, hitting and scratching; they also learn negative 'peer pressure'!
Submitted by Tabitha M., former daycare worker
Baby Gary is crying in daycare because he is spoiled by his parents. Your baby thinks he is important enough to be held, but we don't have the time or desire to hold your the baby to stop him from crying. Ignore him at home, so he gets used to being ignored here.
Stimulating Environment Daycare provides children with a "stimulating environment" Daycares are noisy, with an undisciplined atmosphere.
Teacher Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers. Daycare workers (also known as "child care practitioners" or "daycare providers") are referred to as "teachers", not minimum-wage babysitters, so parents will think of daycare as "school". 
Tip Indeed, child-care providers in our survey were among the most often tipped. (Emily Howell, a spokeswoman for the Emily Post Institute) says the appropriate tip is ... plus a gift...
From Consumer Reports, "Holiday Tipping: What people really give", December 2004, page 57
No comment
Submitted by Jennifer L.
Director (to the daycare workers): Ladies, there will be a tour today....
We will be coming in your room with a couple who wants to pay us (a lot of money every month), so make us look good. Make sure you're doing something with each of the 16 kids. Don't forget to smile!
Trained Professionals
Submitted by Carrie
Our caregivers are "trained professionals". Our daycare workers were hired right off the street, but we trained them how to change a diaper!
Tuition Our daycare's tuition is competitive... About 1/4 what parents pay a regular babysitter when they go out.
Anyone who comes up with a humorous definition for a previously undefined daycare "buzz word" that we select for our daycare glossary will win a stylish "Daycares Don't Care" window cling.  submit entries here


Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 6


Last updated:  09/10/2014

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