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Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 5


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How it's used

What it really means:

Quality daycare Since daycare workers are having difficulty finding care for their own children, there is a critical need to increase the availability of "quality day care." "Quality daycare" - An oxymoron*, possibly the most over-used phrase in daycare advocates' vocabularies.
*Oxymoron -  a short phrase that appears self-contradictory, such as 'jumbo shrimp', 'detailed summary', etc.
Rating system Daycares advertise their rating on the childcare "rating system" to show they are a quality facility.


Rating system, from highest to lowest:
**** = monkey house
*** = dog kennel
** = pig sty
    * = fish hatchery
Submitted by Laura
"Our (daycare) center meets or exceeds the required adult-to-child ratio mandated by the state government. " The instant this tour (or inspection) is over,  "teachers" are pulled from other areas to work the toddler room, leaving the rest of the children without the appropriate number of adults to supervise them.
Relating well to peers Denver "relates well to peers" in daycare. Child ignores  adults, doesn't respect adult authority.
Separation anxiety Austin is exhibiting "separation anxiety", but will soon get used to the daycare routine. Child really misses mommy!
School 2-year-old Brooklyn already knows his colors.  He learned them at school. Savvy daycares call themselves "schools" so parents will think their children are getting a head start on their education*.  These daycares frequently use terms such as "academics", "curriculum", "enrollment", "lesson plan", "registration", and "semester".
*instead of being warehoused or incarcerated.
Anyone who comes up with a humorous definition for a previously undefined daycare "buzz word" that we select for our daycare glossary will win a stylish "Daycares Don't Care" window cling.  submit entries here


Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 5


Last updated:  09/10/2014

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