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Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 4


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How it's used

What it really means:

Kennel Cough
Submitted by Judy L
It is not unusual for children in daycare to have "kennel cough".
Actual slang used by some daycare workers to describe any highly contagious respiratory infection.  It takes its name from the disease that dogs often catch while boarding at a  kennel.
Lead Teacher Carolina is our "lead teacher". A worker that has been at the daycare for longer than a month.
Learning Children in daycare "learn so much from each other" Children learn bullying, fighting, and meanness to survive.  Suggested Reading:  Lord of the Flies by W. Golding
Also, if they *did* learn so much from each other, why would they need "teachers"?
Lesson Plan Our teachers are working on a new "lesson plan". Workers are leafing through the TV Guide.
(Submitted by Amy C.)
Our center is licensed by the state. A licensing lady drops by every now and then. You should see the panic and craziness in this place when they call to say they're coming.
Manipulatives Children will explore their tactile abilities using educational  tools such as "manipulatives" to promote early learning. Children will play with cheap used toys bought at garage sales.
Multiple caregivers Children in our daycare learn how to interact with "multiple caregivers". Daycare has high employee turnover.
Multi-cultural environment Children in daycare are exposed to a "multicultural environment". Some of the daycare's staff can't speak English.
Provider Appreciation Day 
National Provider Appreciation Day is celebrated each year the Friday before Mother's Day in the U.S. See Childcare Provider Appreciation Day
On-site daycare "Isn't it wonderful our progressive company has "on-site daycare", so the parents won't have to leave early to pick up their kids?" A sneaky way for businesses to keep parents working longer hours.

Ouch Report

Ouch Report, Daycare injuries

"If an incident or injury occurs, "Ouch Report" will be filled out and given to you. (If your child happens to be injured or bitten by another child, we ask you please respect that child's privacy by not asking us to reveal the name of the child. It not only puts our staff in an awkward situation but could also cause a confrontation between our families.)"
(Quoted from actual daycare policies... We couldn't have made this up! -- editor)
This cute, comforting way of describing a Child Accident Report diminishes the seriousness of your child's injury.
Chances are, the staff will fill out a Child Accident Report only if your child has an obvious visible injury. Since both parents and the authorities take a dim view of such incidents, it's in the interest of the daycare not to report them.
Preschool "Six-month-old Sydney is going to preschool." "Preschool is Child care. 
Child care is Preschool."

According to day care proponent, Danielle Ewen of the Children's Defense Fund
(If six-month-old Sydney were being cared for by her mom at home, would she be "home schooled"?)
Anyone who comes up with a humorous definition for a previously undefined daycare "buzz word" that we select for our daycare glossary will win a stylish "Daycares Don't Care" window cling.  submit entries here


Daycare Dictionary Definitions, Page 4


Last updated:  09/10/2014

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