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Major Abbreviations associated with Daycare
(In alphabetical order)

Abbreviation What it stands for:
AFDC (United States ) Aid to Families with Dependent Children  (a.k.a. "welfare")
CCDBG (United States) Child Care and Development Block Grant program
Established in 1990, spends hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars annually).
CCB (United States) Child Care Bureau
(Established Jan. 1995, this organization administers the CCDBG. 
It is part of the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS], Administration for Children & Families [ACF], Administration on Children, Youth, and Families [ACYF] ).
CCW (United States) Center for the Child Care Workforce
(A project of the American Federations of Teachers Educational Foundation. The AFTEF Labor Union is a affiliate of the AFL-CIO.)
CDA (United States) Child Development Associate
CDC -Child Development Center
-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (United States)
CDCTC (United States) Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
CCED (Canada) Child Care Expense Deduction
CWLA (United States) Child Welfare League of America
DCRI Daycare-Related Illnesses
DCTC (United States) Dependent Care Tax Credit
DCAP (United States) Dependent Care Assistance Plan
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECT (Australia) Early Childhood Teacher
EPPE (United Kingdom) Effective Provision of Pre-school Education study
(Based at University of London)
NAEYC (United States) National Association for the Education of Young Children
(Their affiliates often have AEYC in their names)
NCDCC (United States) National Committee on the Day Care of Children
NICHD (United States) National Institute for Child Health and Development
OFSTED (United Kingdom) Office for Standards in Education (England)
UPK (United States) Universal Pre-Kindergarten (Universal Preschool)

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Last updated 07/01/2012

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