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Daycare Names

When's the last time you saw a day care center named "Infant Warehouse"?  It doesn't happen.  "Hepatitis Haven" is not a popular choice, either.  Ditto for "The Romanian Orphanage."
...What we see instead are reassuring names like "Gingerbread Manor," "Cheer for Kids," "Happy Hearts," and "In Grandmother's Arms."  These are actual names of day care centers... 
--  "Daycare Disservice With a Smile" by Brandon Dutcher, CNSNews. com Commentary, March 18, 2005

However, these 'feel-good' names disgust many people:
"I (have) to call the (daycare) bus arrivals over the intercom every afternoon.  (Since it is almost the end of the school year) I am relieved I only have to say "God's Little Treasures", "Heaven's Gate" and "Felicia's Little Darlin's" two more times without throwing up.  ...who is the genius naming these daycares?"
-- Posted by Kristin on the "McCarty Musings" Blog, 2-Jun-04

In addition to 'sugarcoating' themselves with cute and fuzzy names, many also avoid any reference to the term "daycare".  They further try to disassociate themselves from daycares' not-so-great reputation through emphasis on academics, development, education, and learning.
This is confirmed by a recommendation from an actual daycare operator: "'Daycare' sounds like 'babysitting' and anyone can do that. Use 'preschool' or 'learning center' in your title. It will give your parents a sense of assurance knowing they're (the children are) not being babysat all day".
Posted  by Lynne, owner  of Imagination Station Early Learning Center in Florida, on Aug 22, 2004 on Wordlab's ( Wordboard

Most Caregivers themselves are reluctant to use the word "daycare" to describe their job.  In April 2004, the Canadian Child Care Information Exchange polled their members on the term that best described their occupation.
"Early childhood education" was at the top of the preference list, while "Day care" came in dead last!
-- "What's in a Name" by the Canadian Child Care Federation, , Appendix B.

"It is of little help that day care centers have dubbed themselves Learning Centers."
Ships Without A Shore: America's Undernurtured Children by Anne Pierce, ©2008, p. 122

Even doggy daycares are getting in on the act...
Many (such) facilities now call themselves "canine enrichment centers"...
DogCentral on MSN, "Doggy Daycare", by Sandy Robins, 5-Sep-06

Name of Daycare Mottos/Slogans/Taglines/Notes
Alphabet Academy
Submitted by Joan in Philadelphia
Angel Academy  
Angel Keepers  
Before & After School Enrichment Program  
Bible Babies Learning Academy "Training up children according to Proverbs 22:6"
(Proverbs 22:6 - Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.)
So, when your children are old they will put YOU in a nursing home? -- editor
Brighter Horizons Child Development Center "Where Learning Takes You Higher"
BumbleBee Forest Child Care  
Cambridge Prep School
Submitted by MyAudrina
"Cambridge Prep School is designed for professional parents needing a full day's childcare combined with one of the best preschool programs available today"
Caterpillar Clubhouse  
Childtime Learning Centers
Submitted by Laura
"Quality Child Care and Education for America's Working Families."
"It's all about your child"
Children's Choice Crèche
Submitted by Michael in Ireland
Nice use of alliteration, but it's unlikely that children would chose this crèche over maternal care -- editor
Cocoon Headstart Centre
Submitted by Michael in Ireland
Cre-8-Tive Corner Kindergarten
Submitted by Nic in Sydney, Australia on 23JAN11
Do kidz lern kreative speling at this daycare? -- editor
Dillion's Children's House "Where Children are Special People"
Dusk-2-Dawn 24-7 Quality Childcare
-- from "Child care's night shift", The Daily Record, by Lorraine Ash, ©2005
"Happy Kids Round the Clock. Daycare, drop in, evening, weekend, overnight, summer vacation, after school, school vacations... After hours and weekend care available!"
-- When are these kids with their families?! -- editor
Educare Learning Center "The Place That Loves Children - The Place That Children Love"
Future Scholars Learning Center  
Gan Shalom Preschool "Creativity and Learning through Diversity.  We Grow Menschen*"
*Mensch =  an upright, honorable, decent person.  From The Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten, ©1968, P237
Home from Home
Submitted by Michael in Ireland
Habibi's Hutch
--Habibi means "my darling" in Arabic or Hebrew. However, a "Hutch" is defined as a pen or a coop for an animal!--
"Preschool and natural childlife preserve"
In Grandmother's Arms From "Daycare Disservice With a Smile" by Brandon Dutcher, CNSNews. com Commentary, March 18, 2005
Just like Home From "Daycare Disservice With a Smile" by Brandon Dutcher, CNSNews. com Commentary, March 18, 2005
Just Like Home Child Care Center The director and the assistant director of this improbably named daycare were charged with selling illicit drugs at the facility on 19 January 2011 in Winchester, Kentucky. "Just like home", indeed!
Just For Kids Pre-School Child Care Centre
Submitted by Nic in Sydney, Australia on 23JAN11
So...this pre-school is for kids only, and not for teens nor adults? How unusual! -- editor
Kids & Kapers "Quality Care in a Learning Environment"
Kids 'R' Kids "Schools of Quality Learning "
Kinder Kollege  
Knowledge Learning Corporation "Where Lifetime Learning Begins"
Kreative Kidz Preschool Academy
Submitted by JD on 23DEC10
Do kidz lern kreative speling at this daycare? -- editor
La Petite Academy "The Right Place for Kids"
Little Einstein's Early Learning Centre
Submitted by Nic in Sydney, Australia on 23JAN11
"You don't have to be BIG...To be BRIGHT!"
Despite the name, one could safely bet that none of the workers there have Ph.D.'s in theoretical physics...
Little Harvard
Submitted by Michael in Ireland
A Mother's Love Called the cruelest name of all, see article below:
--  "Daycare Disservice With a Smile" by Brandon Dutcher, CNSNews. com Commentary, March 18, 2005
Noel's Ark "From Newborns to Kids, We provide a Safe Environment!"
Peace of Mind Daycare  
Precious Moments Childcare "...proud to offer daily reports, educational activities, potty training, ... and many more fun and exciting activities for your child."
Shannon's Rainbow
Submitted by Laura
"Offers a wide range of childcare options with an emphasis on preschool education."
Sproggs Playcentre
Submitted by Laura in Britain
"Adventure, fun and softplay"
("Sprogg" is British slang for an unwanted little child")
Tina's Tiny Toons Daycare Center  "A loving environment for your little angel "
Tadpole Academy "Where wee princes and princesses grow"
Tots Landing Learning Centers "Set Sail for Tomorrow"
Tutor Time 
Submitted by Laura
"Tutor Time’s experienced staff, proprietary curriculum and state-of-the art facilities give your child an advantage where it counts...their future."
WEE CARE For Your Kids "Laughter, Learning & Lots of Love"
Witty Day Nursery
ubmitted by Laura C. in Britain on 11MAY09
Does "witty" mean they teach kids how to make puns as part of their "academics"? -- editor

Please e-mail us with the imaginative names of the daycares in your area.

Last updated 09/10/2014

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