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Manland: IKEA's day-care for husbands

The Scandinavian furniture maker tries to put men (and women) in their place
from The Week magazine, 16-Sep-2011
Two dudes play a game of foosball in IKEA's Manland, an adult play area for those bored husbands and boyfriends.
Two dudes play a game of foosball in IKEA's Manland, an adult play area for those bored husbands and boyfriends. Photo: YouTube

The video: An IKEA store in Australia has come up with an idea to lure in retail-phobic men — it set up a man cave* with video games and free hot dogs, where guys can hang out while their wives and girlfriends shop (see the video below). The space looks like one of the Swedish furniture giant's living room displays, with sports playing nonstop on flat-screen TVs. It also has a pinball machine and a foosball table. Inspired by the child-care room, Smaland**, found in every IKEA, the Sydney store calls its manly day-care Manland. To make sure the men don't get abandoned, their mates get a buzzer that goes off after 30 minutes, announcing it's time to pick them up. Manland was a four-day experiment, meant to offer women a spending reprieve from "whining husbands" over Father's Day weekend, says a sales associate. "We're expecting the scheme to be a real success with both sexes."

*Wikipedia defines a man cave as a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.
**The name "Småland" is used as the name of the children's play areas at some IKEA stores.  Actually, Småland is a historical province in southern Sweden. The name Småland literally means "Small Lands".

Last updated 09/18/2011

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