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If Houses of Prostitution offer daycare, are they considered "progressive" employers?

When we adults pay people to "make love to us," they're called prostitutes. When we pay people (daycare) to "love" our children -- what are they called?
"How is day care different from prostitution?" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Lexington Herald-Leader, 12-Jan-99
Working girls go goo-goo over red-light district 'day-care'
...a fair number of these places exist in Kabukicho, a serpent's lair of crime and vice, where gangsters shoot it out, and pimps peddle their wares.
...a number of child care centers exist right within this most notorious sector of Shinjuku.
(Yomiko Totsuka of Smile Kids) is always inscrutably discreet and there is no call to ask for a job description. Although she doesn't ask the moms about their jobs, she figures that if they drop off their kiddies at night, they must work in Kabukicho.
Once, I called a mother because her child was running a fever, " Totsuka relates. "She arrive in less than 10 minutes, still in 'costume' from her workplace. So I guess that she works in Kabukicho.
25-Jan-02, The Mainichi Daily News (Japan)
Licensed escort service raided
Scottsdale - With a day-care service for employees' children, and office pool and bonuses for good work, the escort service raided this week by Scottsdale police appeared like any other business.
But investigators said Touch of Class, an escort service licensed by Scottsdale, was really a front for prostitution, police said.

The Arizona Republic, by Michael Ferraresi, 23-Sep-05,
Society the final victim
The Scottsdale Police Department recently made a huge bust on a local prostitution ring. An escort service was - surprise, surprise - a front for a prostitution business.
The business, "Touch of Class," had made an estimated $6.5 million in profits since it opened in 1999. It appeared to be a totally legitimate business, complete with day-care service. Yikes!
Who are the victims here? Is it the women who are drawn to a profession that preys on them? Or, is it their children, dropped off into day-care while their mothers go to "work?", by Lance Huffman, 5-Oct-05

Last updated 10/19/2008

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