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 Quotes from books about daycare - 1970, p1


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Who's Minding the Children? The History and Politics of Day Care in America
by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, 1973, page 56
...the practice of many overworked day nursery staffs of propping a bottle on a pillow rather than feeding their charges by hand also impaired, Dr. Hedger believed, the emotional development of the infant.
"It takes mother-love, mother arms, mother breast and considerable common sense to grow a human properly for the first nine months, and no (day-care) institution, no matter how scientific, how philanthropic, can replace these things.
-- Dr. Carolyn Hedger, 1912
Category = History, Quality
Who's Minding the Children?
by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, 1973, pages 96-97
...indoor often inadequate and poorly planned for the needs of young children.
In my observation of day care centers, probably the most blatant offenders in this regard are churches (synagogues, mosques), whose generous inclination to provide space often results in hasty, temporary, and part-time adaptation of a church meeting hall or auditorium.
(The teachers) frequently justified them with passing references to "open classrooms", "unstructured space," and "free schools."
These teachers were using the rumor of new learning theories to rationalize the poor use and planning of space.
Category = Quality
Who's Minding the Children?
by Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, 1973, page 130
...there are many others (for-profit daycares) whose sales promotions and promises of high profits suggest nothing so much as a mentality made to sell quick-food franchises.
This image is not helped by recent tendencies of builders and developers to use the lure of a day care center as one means of selling or renting houses and apartments to young couples. care centers have become..."one of the most effective merchandising tools since the recreation center with its swimming pool, club-house or what-have-you..."
Put in the crudest terms: who would want their landlord to raise their children?
Category = Economics, Quality


Quotes from books about daycare - 1970, p1


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